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China Lockdown: 152 cities in China still under lockdown, 280 million people under house arrest, see Xi Jinping’s dictatorship

Beijing: The word lockdown may have disappeared from our tongues, but it still lives on in China. Not 1-2 but 152 cities in China are still facing lockdown. The Chinese authorities are giving various words to the lockdown to inflame public anger. Most of these cities have a nighttime lockdown. During his speech at the Chinese Communist Party Congress, Xi Jinping also conveyed the message of strict zero Covid policy. There is a fear that the Chinese citizens are currently not getting freedom from this cruel dictatorship. Lockdowns in Xi’an and then Shanghai this year made headlines around the world. In both these cities, people were kept indoors for more than two months. There was a ban on going out even for essential work.

What has been the loss to China due to the lockdown
China is facing many problems due to the lockdown. China’s economy continues to decline. People have severe shortage of food and drink. People are not being allowed to come out even to go to the hospital. Millions of people have become unemployed due to house arrest. Despite this, Xi Jinping is not ready to relax the Zero Covid policy. Due to this, protests against Xi Jinping were also seen in China. Recently, banners against Xi Jinping were hoisted and tires were burnt on an overbridge in Beijing. However, experts believe that Xi Jinping is demonstrating his grip on China through the Zero Covid policy.

28 crore population of China is under lockdown
According to a BBC report, 152 cities in China are under complete or partial lockdown. China has a population of 28 crore under the grip of this lockdown. Out of these, lockdown was imposed in 114 cities in August itself. Beijing is the only major city in China where a lockdown has not been imposed. However, a few days ago when the cases of Corona were reported, the movement of people was banned in many shopping malls and public places. Not only this, people are being tested for Covid even today in crowded places.

China is giving different names to the lockdown
It has been mentioned in the report that China is giving different names to calm people’s anger against the Covid lockdown. In many cities, terms such as stasis management, immobilization in the home, pacification of the entire area or stopping of all essential movement are being used. Apart from this, the movement of people is being stopped by not calling the temporary social control as a lockdown. Hotspot is being called enclosure management. Evacuation of people from such areas is being restricted. People of these areas are being allowed to come out only after the Covid test.


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