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Chhattisgarh politics: ‘Break MLA like Eknath Shinde and become CM of Chhattisgarh’, Suryakant Tiwari’s big blame on IT officials

Raipur: In the wake of the IT raid, businessman Suryakant Tiwari has leveled serious allegations against the income tax authorities. The businessman and Congress leader issued a statement revealing that the Income Tax team was pressuring for a change of government in Chhattisgarh under the guise of income tax raid. Suryakant Tewari said that during the Income Tax raids, it is not uncommon for an officer to be pressured or beaten, but during the raids, the Income Tax officials not only intimidated but also beat his family.

MLA broke and became CM
Suryakant Tewari said that during the raid, IT officials were repeatedly pressuring him to reveal the name of the official associated with the CM House. IT officials were also talking about a coup in Chhattisgarh. He was lured to become the Chief Minister and was asked to take over the reins of government in Chhattisgarh as he had ties with 40-45 MLAs. Like Eknath Shinde, he will be made the Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh.

Raman Singh was also attacked

The Congress leader said that Raman Singh had been the Chief Minister for 15 years. He does not become a criminal if he is raided by the police. Without convicting any competent officer, Raman Singh decided to arrest me. If I go to jail, he will have to stay in his cell. Because during his rule, there were many cases like land scam, transfer scam, account in his son’s name abroad, chit fund. The money was so much that a note counting machine had to be installed.

Suryakant Tewari alleged that IT officials were repeatedly pressuring him to take the names of the officers in some way, including their names in his business, and tortured him for not doing so. Gone.

Report – Somesh Patel


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