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Chhath Puja 2022: ‘Suraj Dev laid at the feet of Kelva’ in Dublin, Ireland, people of Buxar prepare for Chhath

Boxer It is a big thing to stay away from the soil of Bihar and retain the smell of the soil here. A family from Buxar in Dublin, Ireland is doing just that. Apart from this family who arrived in Dublin from Buxar, 200 members of the Bihar Jharkhand Association of Ireland are preparing to celebrate Chhath, the great festival of faith. There all the families celebrate Chhath together. A social worker who plays the role of organizer and pioneer Ravi Nandan Pratap Singh Said that people have started preparation. The site has been inspected. Cleanliness is already there. Chhath devotees are still gathering there and preparing for Chhath by singing traditional songs.

Across the seven seas
Ravi Nandan Pratap Singh told NBT that Chhath Mahaparva is being celebrated with great fanfare for the first time in Ireland with the support of Bihar Jharkhand Association of Ireland. More than 200 families from Bihar and Jharkhand are participating in this Mahaparva with devotion. This Chhath festival is being held at Park Community Center in Dublin. Where all those observing the sixth fast together will offer Sandhya Argha to the sun god on 30th October.

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200 families will celebrate
Ravi Nandan Pratap Singh Said that prayer will be offered in the morning on October 31. He said that cultural programs will also be organized by the people of Bihar Jharkhand on the occasion of Chhath festival. Children from Bihar and Jharkhand will perform Chhath Puja together. Chatti Mai song will be sung. The shadow of mini Bihar Jharkhand is scattered on the land of Ireland. People are very excited and busy with preparations. Materials for Chhath Puja have been ordered from Bihar and some from Jharkhand. There is also content being prepared from their own level.

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Ravi Pratap is a resident of Buxar
Great enthusiasm is being seen in the family of Buxar living in Ireland regarding this great festival of sun worship. Ravi Nandan Pratap Singh He is a resident of Buxar district. His whole family lives there. Ravi Nandan Pratap Singh Contributed to many social works of Buxar. He said that Chhath festival is a festival in which the rising and setting sun is offered. So it is being held in Dublin, Ireland for the first time. He said that local people also watch his preparation carefully and appreciate it.

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People of Bihar-Jharkhand are busy in preparation
Ravi Nandan Pratap Singh Said that the grandeur of this great festival is such that whoever joins, stays connected. People walk through Park Community Center in Dublin. More or less all the families of Bihar Jharkhand are doing chhath. All facilities are being taken care of by the association. He said that 200 families will celebrate this great festival together at one place. There is a lot of enthusiasm among children in this regard. They are getting familiar with our culture. Preparations are also underway to make thekua as prasad on behalf of the families. Arrangements are being made for the decoration of the ghat.


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