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Cheetah vs Usain Bolt: Usain Bolt takes on Cheetah, what happens when the two race together?

New Delhi: For the last 70 years, Indians saw the leopard only in TV, books and pictures, but this animal, which was extinct in India, has returned home after seven decades. Eight leopards from Namibia were brought to Kuno National Park in Madhya Pradesh’s Sheopur district on Saturday. The Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, left him in the forest on the occasion of his birthday. The world’s fastest animal is nowhere near the speed of the leopard. Cheetah can beat anyone with its speed. But there is one such person in the sports world, who has the ability to beat the leopard with his own pace.

Usain Bolt vs Cheetah: Who Has More Power?
On average, leopards reach their top speed of 60-70 mph in less than three seconds. Usain Bolt’s top speed ends up being 15-25 mph, but what about long-distance speed? Leopards run an average of 1,000 feet to exhaustion. They begin to feel the need for rest. Usain Bolt is also a runner. Never run long distance races. Known for running.

Usain Bolt vs Cheetah: Agility Matters
How can Usain Bolt’s agility compare to that of a leopard? Unfortunately, Usain Bolt lags here as well. Cheetahs are incredibly smart. As an athlete, Bolt runs straight, lacking the agility of a leopard. Cheetahs are incredible in terms of their agility and maneuverability, which many people overlook or underestimate. Leopards also run in rough terrain and go through difficult hunting conditions. Usain Bolt doesn’t have to worry about chasing something unexpected over long distances. A cheetah struggles with this every day. This means he is much smarter than Usain Bolt.

Who will win in Bolt and Cheetah?,
Frata World Champion Usain Bolt is a multiple time Olympic and World Champion. Jamaican Bolt, popularly known as Cheetah, covered the distance of 100 meters in 9.58 seconds. A cheetah takes only 5.95 seconds to run 100 meters. While a common man will take 15 seconds. Both the Cheetah and the Bolt are no less than a bullet train. But surprisingly, if the cheetah starts running 3.75 seconds after Bolt starts running, then Bolt will beat him.

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