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Cheating with Nitish Kumar Abhishek Agarwal’s picture goes viral, Chief Minister told DGP this barbarian – poor

Patna : One name in the list of badasses of Bihar is currently in discussion. Don’t go by the name Abhishek Agarwal. Its feats were such that DGP SK Singhal was speechless. It gave life to an IPS with its voice. But the police are the police. This matter was not digested by the Director General of Bihar Police. He decided to check it out. The Economic Offenses Unit i.e. EOU has arrested this brute. After this, the picture of many IPS officers with it went viral. Chief Minister Abhishek Agarwal regarding the latest case Nitish Kumar picture of After which many discussions have started.

The picture with Nitish Kumar went viral
Abhishek, who runs a general shop in the capital Patna, is in the news these days. However, it was arrested by the Economic Offenses Unit. However, apart from social media, it is also being discussed continuously in the news. The latest discussion has started after Abhishek’s picture with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar came out. Recently, when Chief Minister Nitish Kumar asked reporters about this person who was talking to DGP as a judge, the Chief Minister said that-
‘The way one keeps on speaking wrongly. It was later discovered that he was making the wrong call. Checked If it is found that he is repeatedly making mistakes then action is being taken against him. The error was not realized. We have asked you to get it checked properly. Whatever DGP The poor man thought that some fake person was calling. Nitish Kumar, Chief Minister

‘There is no fault of the poor DGP, the mistake has been realized’ Nitish Kumar got angry after taking PK’s name
Hot discussion market
Now a picture of Abhishek Agarwal with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is floating in social media and news. The picture has gone viral. After this it is being said that Abhishek Agarwal was also associated with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar? The picture is said to be of cold days. CM Nitish is meeting common people on one occasion or the other. Along with this, Abhishek Agarwal is saluting by taking his hand in his hands. This picture was taken at the Chief Minister’s residence. The Chief Minister’s security personnel are also standing nearby. The chief minister is smiling in the picture. In the picture, Abhishek Agarwal is also seen talking to the Chief Minister. Abhishek has also posted this picture on his Facebook account. After the picture came out, the market of discussions is hot.

EOU remands impostor who saved IPS, Aditya Kumar and Purnia SP Daya Shankar go for ‘nap’
BJP has raised the question
BJP has already been raising questions about the Abhishek Agarwal case. After the incident, the BJP questioned the credibility of the state government’s investigative agencies. Samrat Chaudhary, the leader of the opposition in the Legislative Council, said that the role of the Chief Minister of Bihar in this case is under suspicion. Samrat Chaudhary also said that there should have been a CBI inquiry into the matter. After calling the DGP bad, the BJP leaders had clearly said that why does the Chief Minister want to save the DGP?

DGP SK Singhal: Sushil Modi Asks Chief Minister Nitish’s ‘Bad DGP’ 5 Questions Demanding CBI Probe
Who is Abhishek Agarwal?
Abhishek Aggarwal is a cheater who used to call DGP a judge. The Economic Offenses Unit has arrested him. The agency recovered nine mobile sims and dozens of mobiles from Abhishek Agarwal. In the mobile forensics, the allegation was found to be correct that he was constantly calling the DGP to save the then Gaya SSP Aditya Kumar. The IPS officer, who was asked to be rescued, got a clean chit within 24 hours. A case was registered against IPS Aditya Kumar in a liquor case. He was also accused of conniving with the land mafia. Abhishek used to call to save her. Abhishek Agarwal’s photo with several IPS officers has gone viral.


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