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British PM Rishi Sunak’s team split due to Suella Braverman’s appointment, what will be lost due to trade deal with India?

London: New British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak on Wednesday strongly defended his decision to re-appoint Indian-origin Suella Braverman as Home Secretary. Braverman, 42, resigned from former prime minister Liz Truss’ cabinet last week. He took this step in the case of violation of ministerial code by sending secure information from his personal email. Sunak reappointed him as Home Minister on Tuesday.

Cracks in Sunak’s top team
PM Sunak has appointed Braverman as Home Minister at a time when his government has started talks on a visa deal with India. The UK government is discussing with India whether to increase the number of business visas available to Indian nationals. This point is part of the same trade deal that criticized Lis Truss. Now PM Sunak’s top team is also seen to be divided due to this. Business visa is the biggest issue of business deal. Sunak’s trade minister Greg Hands has told the House of Commons that talks are ongoing on the deal. Also there have been talks on many big parts. Rishi Sunak Cabinet: Sunak Cabinet Announced, Braverman Returns, Jeremy Hunt Will Remain Finance Minister, Know Which Position?
Braverman against the deal

Braverman had said in an interview that he has objection to this deal. According to him, the number of Indian refugees may increase due to the large number of long-stay visas in Britain. He has strongly opposed this agreement with India. He said that Priti Patel, who was the country’s home minister before him, wanted to increase the number of illegal immigrants. According to him, this agreement is not necessary and it will work properly, it is not necessary.

Sunk defends
On Wednesday, his first day as prime minister, Sunak met with the new cabinet. He then faced Opposition Leader Keir Starmer at a ‘Prime Minister’s Questions’ (PMQ) session in the House of Commons. Labor leader Keir Starmer initially welcomed the move, saying it was a reminder that “the UK is a place where people of all races and religions can realize their dreams.” Starmer then asked Sunak, ‘Was it right for the Home Secretary to resign last week over security breaches?’
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Happy with Braverman’s appointment
He said Sunak had promised to run the government with “integrity, professionalism and accountability”, but had given the interior ministry to a woman, who was forced to step down only a week ago. Starmer asked Sunk, ‘Did the officials question the decision to hire him?’ Sunk thanked Starmer for his welcome to his response and said they would no doubt provide a vigorous exchange of ideas. Sunak said he was pleased to have Braverman back in a “coherent” cabinet who is bringing “experience and stability” to the government.

What is Braverman’s agenda?
Sunk said Braverman would focus on stopping criminals and securing borders, while the opposition party is soft on crime and supports “unlimited immigration.” Secretary of State James Cleverly also defended Braverman’s reappointment, saying he had a very clear agenda. Meanwhile, Liberal Democrat MPs have called for a Cabinet Office inquiry into Braverman’s reappointment as Home Secretary.


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