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Bloodshed in Koilanchal, MLA Dhulu Mahato and Kanhai Chauhan gang clash over leadership, bullets fired

Dhanbad: Bombing and shelling of the coal supremacy in Koilanchal became common. The district administration and CISF have maintained silence. In the latest case, at Muraideh Colliery coal dump in BCCL Area One, two factions came together for supremacy. The incident of stone pelting has taken place vigorously from both sides. Bombardment and several rounds of firing have also taken place. Many people have been injured in the incident. As soon as the information was received, the police reached the spot. Currently, the situation remains tense.

One faction belongs to DO holder Kanhai Chauhan while the other faction is said to be the supporter of Bagmara MLA Dhulu Mahato. Supporters of the MLA say that Kanhai Chauhan came forcibly to load the truck at the coal dump. On protesting, Kanhai Chauhan’s supporters beat him with sticks, bombarded him and fired about 10 rounds.

Along with this, DO holder Kanhai Chauhan has accused MLA Dhulu Mehto of demanding a ransom of one thousand rupees per ton regarding this incident. Kanhai Chauhan says that the talk of shooting at me is completely baseless. The authorization letter of eight DO holders has been handed over to BCCL. Called by the police station in-charge. There was to be a discussion about the loading of trucks in the coal dump at the police station. Meanwhile, the police station in-charge received the information about the attack, firing and bomb blast over the phone.

Kanhai Chauhan said that MLA Dhulu Mahato is demanding one thousand rupees per ton. A warning has been given to stop the supply of coal in case of non-extortion. Kanhai Chauhan said that we have 55 riots of our own. We will work to lift our coal from 55 Dangals. In case of non-extortion, the workers involved in other riots have also warned to replace steam coal with Roam coal. One such case came to light in the year 2013, when stone was loaded instead of coal.


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