Thursday, September 29, 2022
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BJP MP calls Nitin Gadkari Spiderman, Tapir village says in Lok Sabha: Minister lays road network

New Delhi: To expedite the laying of road network in the country, the Minister of Modi Government S. Nitin Gadkari Leaders of the opposition also applaud it. Now the BJP’s MP Tapir village He was called ‘Spiderman’. At the same time the Congress and some other opposition parties Lok Sabha He appealed to pay special attention to road safety and take concrete steps to prevent accidents. This was during a discussion in the Lok Sabha on the demand for grants to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for the year 2022-23.

When Gadkari was called Spiderman

Praising the government for road construction, BJP MP Tapir Gaon called Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari a “Spiderman” who laid the road network in the country. Participating in the discussion, the villagers said, “I have named Nitin Gadkari as Spiderman because he has spread the web like a spider’s web.” He said that after the coming of Modi government the construction of roads near the border with China was in full swing. Referring to the construction of several roads in his state, the Lok Sabha member from Arunachal Pradesh said, “If it is Modi, it is possible, if it is Gadkari, it is possible.” “I hope Spider-Man will continue to build roads at that pace,” Gav said. The country and the North East will continue to move forward in the same way.

Discussion on road safety

Congress MLA Vishnu Prasad said that today India ranks second in the world in terms of roads due to the work done by previous Congress governments in road construction. He said that Germany was number one in road quality but India was number 44. The government is not paying full attention to the quality of roads. “Only two per cent of the budget is being spent on road safety, whereas in the US, six per cent of the budget is being spent,” Prasad said.
He appealed to the government to pay serious attention to road safety.

I have named Nitin Gadkari Spiderman because he has laid a web of roads like a spider’s web. I hope Spider-Man continues to build the roads at the speed he is building. The country and the North East will continue to move forward in the same way.

In the Lok Sabha, BJP MP Tapir Gaon

Opposition questions
Continuing the debate in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday, YSR Congress MLA Bharat said the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act emphasizes on enhancing road connectivity between Amravati and Hyderabad. In such a case, the government should state what progress has been made in this regard. At the same time, ST Hassan of the Samajwadi Party, referring to the unfinished work of some of the highways passing through Moradabad, said that the Ministry of Road Transport should pay attention to this. Participating in the discussion, Chandeshwar Prasad of Janata Dal (United) said that deaths in road accidents cost the country three per cent of GDP. The ministry should take more effective measures to prevent accidents.


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