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Biryani selling low manpower coming from UP-Bihar, TMC leader shut down shops in Cooch Bihar

Kolkata: A surprising case has come to light in West Bengal. Here in Cooch Behar area, many biryani shops were closed. There was a lot of commotion but the shops could not be opened under the pressure of the TMC leader. You will also be blown away knowing the reason behind the closure of biryani shops. The TMC leader claims that eating biryani is causing male weakness. Not only this, the TMC leader also alleged that people from UP Bihar are coming to Bengal and selling biryani. They open shops late at night and chaotic elements gather at their shops. Currently, the police, administration and government have kept silent in this matter.

Under the leadership of Cooch Bihar Mahapalika president and Trinamool leader Rabindranath Ghosh, a campaign was launched to close biryani shops. The TMC leader said that the shopkeepers were selling biryani, claiming that the shopkeepers did not have a license.

‘People were complaining’

Rabindranath Ghosh said that the people of the area were coming to him with complaints for the last several days. People said that the spices being mixed in biryani are not right. He said that people have also claimed that the spices used in biryani are reducing the virility of men.

‘People of UP Bihar are selling Biryani’
According to Rabindranath, people from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh have been coming here and selling biryani for the past few days. He said that there is noise throughout the night. People from UP and Bihar are selling biryani without trade license. He said that anti-social elements gather at these shops till late at night.

‘We come to shop on festivals’
Later clarifying that biryani spices are a male weakness, the TMC leader said that many illegal biryani shops have opened in Oligli in Cooch Behar city. Reportedly, businessmen from other states come before Pooja and open biryani shops in those areas by renting shops. Most of these shops do not have trade licenses. No food license. Questions are also rising in people’s minds about the quality of food. Recently, local residents complained to the municipality about these biryani shops.

‘I don’t know what people are bringing from outside’
Meanwhile, due to the closure of the shop, there was a commotion. Apart from questioning the quality of food and drink, it was also alleged that the biryani utensils of that shop were in possession of the municipal corporation. After this the shop was closed. According to local sources, a man named Pappu Khan came from Bihar and opened a biryani shop on rent before the pooja. He said that people are coming from outside. I don’t know what they are bringing.


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