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Bihar politics: ‘Criminals, liquor mafia and conscience, will Nitish ignore everything?’

Neil Kamal, Patna: Senior BJP leader and Rajya Sabha member Sushil Kumar Modi said that 38 cases have been registered against former JD(U) MLA Ananth Singh. When Anant Singh left JDU, his house was raided. Nitish Kumar Votes were again sought for the same Anant Singh’s wife in Mokama. Apart from this, Nitish Kumar, who implemented the prohibition law in Bihar, will now seek votes for the person who runs the liquor factory.

‘Where is Nitish Kumar’s zero tolerance policy?’
Former Deputy Chief Minister and Rajya Sabha Member Sushil Kumar Modi said that Nitish Kumar, who boasts of zero tolerance on alcoholism and crime, liquor mafia Mohan Gupta in Gopalganj and Ananth Singh’s wife Neelam Devi in ​​Mokama are synonymous with regional terrorism. . ? Sushil Modi He said that 38 criminal cases have been registered against Ananth Singh, including the brutal murder of Puts Yadav. He has been sentenced to ten years in prison for recovering AK-47 and hand grenades from his premises.

‘The raid was carried out due to Lalan Singh’s challenge’
Sushil Kumar Modi said that if the assembly membership of a criminal like Ananth Singh is cancelled, then where is his wife getting ticket of Rashtriya Janata Dal and asking for vote from Nitish Kumar of JDU for her? Does Nitish Kumar’s conscience speak nothing? Sushil Modi said that while Anant Singh was in JDU, there was no raid on him. But as soon as Lalan Singh was challenged, the raid was carried out. Now Nitish Kumar is campaigning in favor of the same Anant Singh’s wife.

Mokama Upichunav: ‘I have come to ask for votes because I am a woman candidate’, Lalan Singh asked for votes for Ananth Singh’s wife in Mokama
‘Managers will seek votes for liquor mafia’
The BJP leader did not stop there, he said that Mohan Gupta, the Rashtriya Janata Dal candidate from Gopalganj, owns the Goa-based liquor company Silver Heritage Spirits Limited. Recently, a liquor tanker belonging to the same company was caught in Jharkhand and a case was registered. Sushil Modi said that on one hand 4 lakh people of Bihar were jailed in liquor related cases, on the other hand Nitish Kumar will be seen seeking votes to make the liquor mafia an honorable MLA.

The demand letter submitted by the BJP to the Election Commission
BJP leaders on Wednesday submitted a demand letter to the Chief Electoral Officer regarding the by-elections being held in Mokama and Gopalganj. In it, former JDU MLA Ananth Singh has been complained of illegally influencing the voters. The memorandum states that after the notification for the Mokama by-election was issued, the membership of former MLA Ananth Singh has been canceled after he was found guilty in a criminal case. Rashtriya Janata Dal has fielded Ananth Singh’s wife Neelam Devi for the Mokama Vidhan Sabha by-election. It has been told by BJP that Anant Singh is contacting the voters through phone from Beur Jail. Pressure is being created to vote in favor of RJD candidate Neelam Devi.

Nitish was weighed with silver coins by Anant Singh, this time with whom will the Chief Minister weigh by reaching the stage?
The RJD candidate of Gopalganj has a liquor company?
Apart from this, BJP had also complained against Mohan Prasad Gupta, the candidate of Rashtriya Janata Dal (Mahagathbandhan) in the Gopalganj Vidhan Sabha by-election. He was accused of withholding information. BJP said that Mohan Prasad Gupta has hidden the case number 2119/2022 (Chief Judicial Magistrate, Giridih, Jharkhand) registered against him in the affidavit. A case has been registered against the Rashtriya Janata Dal candidate in Giridih district. Mohan Prasad alias Mohan Prasad Gupta is a Partner/Director in Silver Heritage Spirits (LLP) Company. It is a liquor manufacturing and distribution company. This fact can also be verified from the office of the Registrar of Companies. Details will be available on the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. But Mohan Prasad alias Mohan Prasad Gupta has not mentioned this in his affidavit.


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