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Bihar MLAs to watch ‘Kashmir Files’ in Patna cinema hall, Opposition distances itself

Patna. Today, the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ is the talk of the town. People are going to the cinemas to see this movie. There is a lot of politics going on in Bihar regarding the film. On the one hand, the BJP is attacking its opponents who are raising the issue of Kashmiri Pandits’ flight under the pretext of the film, on the other hand, the Opposition is also accusing the BJP of spreading religious bigotry and taking political advantage.

In the midst of all this, Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tar Kishore Prasad has announced that the Kashmir Files film will be tax free in Bihar, after which the BJP MLAs have also demanded the screening of the film. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Minister Tar Kishore Prasad announced in the House that a special screening of the film would be held on March 25 at Cine Police in Patna. The film will be shown free of cost to all members of Bihar Vidhan Sabha at the event. All members of the household will be invited.

Deputy Chief Minister Tar Kishore Prasad’s announcement has heated up Bihar politics. Left party MLAs including RJD, Congress, MIM have refused to watch the film, while JDU and BJP MLAs are excited about the film. Rashtriya Janata Dal MLA Bhai Virender says that the way the film is being politicized and a particular religion is being targeted, it is clear that the BJP is spoiling the atmosphere of the country by provoking such a sensitive issue. Has been. He said that all this was being done only for political gain and Rashtriya Janata Dal MLAs would not watch the film.

Congress MLC Premchandra Mishra says the film about which the BJP is politicizing so much happened when the BJP-backed government at the Center was in power and Jagmohan, who was then the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir. Who is responsible for what happened? The BJP is trying to take political advantage under the pretext of this film and the people of the country are realizing this. He questioned why Congress MLAs would watch this film.

Amid the ongoing controversy over the film, JDU MLAs were seen speaking calmly. JDU MLA Sanjeev Kumar says there is a lot of talk about the film and people across the country are watching it. Now I don’t know what politics is in it but I will watch it in the form of a film. There is nothing wrong with watching movies.

On the issue, BJP MLA and minister Nitin Naveen said that “The Kashmir Files” is not just a film, but it shows the truth, which the people of the country should know. Which is still hidden from them. Naveen asked whether it was not true that Hindus had fled Kashmir. If there was an immigration, what was the reason? The same thing is shown in the film.

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