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Bihar Crime: Targeted by ‘Gangs of Jamtara’, Bihar Chief Secretary siphoned money from cyber-vicious account, after

Patna Bihar Chief Secretary Aamir Subhani also couldn’t escape the scam of the cyber personality. The latest case is the attack on his bank account by cyber criminals. Crooks have targeted Aamir Subhani’s account. As soon as this matter came to the attention of the Chief Secretary, he took immediate action and reported it to the Economic Offenses Unit. The investigating agency took the fraudster into custody within two hours. The information about this incident that happened on Sunday is as follows.

Proceedings of the EOU
It is being told about the incident that the withdrawal of money from the account of the Chief Secretary was learned on Sunday. It was told that 90 thousand rupees have been withdrawn from Aamir Subhani’s account. The Chief Secretary was not aware of this withdrawal. Also he had not spent that amount. After this, Amir Subhani immediately informed the Economic Offenses Unit. The Chief Secretary became alert. He found out that the cyber person was transferring money from his account.

Nawada Crime News: ‘Gangs of Jamtara’ caught in Nawada, online fraud method will surprise you
Cyber ​​crooks arrested
However, taking immediate action, Aamir Subhani’s account was blocked. After this the team got into action. The EOU team arrested the cyber fraudster in action. EOU is investigating the complete criminal history of cyber fraud. How many days has he been doing this job? Who has he cheated so far and what was his future plan? No official statement has been issued by the team yet. However, according to EOU sources, there is likely to be a big reveal.

Sat Sri Akal! Your son is imprisoned in Canada, if you want to release him, transfer 4.80 rupees… Fraud with Nalanda exposed
Sarcasm active during the festival
Let us tell you that cyber frauds are active these days during Diwali and festive season. Recently, Nawada Police arrested 11 cyber criminals along with lakhs of rupees and 19 mobile phones. After Jamtara, Nawada has become a major stronghold of cyber fraud. Where they do cyber fraud by taking people’s information in the name of giving car, home loan and other facilities. However, the inside story of how Aamir Subhani was cheated by the miscreants is yet to come out.

Cyber ​​fraudsters hacked UP Cooperative Bank account, vigilant officers saved 146 crores in this way
Many districts of Bihar became ‘Gangs of Jamtara’
Let us tell you that these days ‘Jamtara’-Sabka number will come on Netflix, the web series is being aired. It shows how a group of youth with the help of a local MLA cheats people across the country online. In Season 2, a boy cheats the wife of the Chief Minister of Jharkhand and withdraws Rs 23 lakh from her account by taking OTP three times. This boy has the support of Brajesh Bhaiya i.e. the local MLA. In this season, the director has also entered the politics of Jharkhand. Fraud number one Sunny’s alleged Bibi Gudia has now become an MLA.


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