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Bihar by-election 2022: Mukesh Sahni, busy cultivating VIPs, Tejashwi and Nitish, is increasing tension for BJP in Bihar.

Patna All stakes are being played by the BJP and the Mahagathjod in the Gopalganj and Mokama by-elections for the two Bihar Vidhan Sabha seats. It is said that both the parties have used every trick to win the election. Anant Singh’s arch rival JD(U) national president Lalan Singh is contesting for his wife Neelam Devi. On the other hand, BJP has released 40 of its leaders for election campaign. Meanwhile, Vikas Insan Party chief Mukesh Sahni has made a big announcement. Mukesh is an opponent of the BJP and is supporting the Rashtriya Janata Dal.

Mukesh Sahni announced
There is a sudden appearance in the politics of Bihar. Mukesh Sahni made his mark by running a flurry of advertisements for his party in newspapers and channels. In the 2020 assembly elections, three of his candidates also reached the assembly as MLAs. Meanwhile, all the three MLAs joined the BJP. After this, Mukesh Sahni accused the BJP of cheating and asked to teach the BJP a lesson. Mukesh Sahni has now taken advantage of this opportunity. Mukesh is openly supporting the Rashtriya Janata Dal in the by-elections.

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BJP’s defeat is our victory
Mukesh Sahni said that the victory of Bihar lies in the defeat of the BJP. Mukesh said that the result of Mokama and Gopalganj will send a big message. According to him, this by-election will be a trailer for the Lok Sabha elections of 2024 and the Vidhan Sabha elections of 2025. Mukesh Sahni has appealed to the public to vote for the Rashtriya Janata Dal candidate. Sahni’s party is openly supporting the Grand Alliance. Mullah’s son Mukesh Sahni is openly opposing the BJP. Appealing not to contest the elections, Mukesh Sahni said that he should enter the fray to defeat the BJP.

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Support for the Grand Alliance
Mukesh Sahni said that the VIP party is not fielding its candidate in the by-elections from two places. Mukesh Sahni urged the people of Gopalganj and Mokama to support Rashtriya Janata Dal candidate Mohan Prasad Gupta from Gopalganj and Neelam Devi of Mokama. He urged his party to make both the candidates winners. A lengthy appeal has been issued on behalf of Mukesh Sawhney. In which it is stated that their only objective is to get reservation under Schedule Caste to the Nishad community.

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Attack on BJP
He has further said about the reservation that the fight with the central government for VIPs will continue. Mukesh said that the people of BJP do not want to allow the leader of the most backward society to move forward. Therefore, with the connivance of the BJP and the court, the reservation given to the most backward people in the municipal corporation was attacked.


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