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Biden warns Xi Jinping: Biden warns Xi

Washington / Beijing
US President Joe Biden on Friday warned Chinese President Xi Jinping that Beijing would pay the price if he helped Putin invade Ukraine. During the two-hour talks, Biden also told Xi Jinping to stay away from Taiwan. Biden told Jinping that if China helped Russia, what would be the effect and what would be the consequences. China, meanwhile, has indicated it could help Russia with weapons even after Biden’s threat.

The White House has said that Russia is carrying out “brutal attacks” on civilians in Ukraine. However, the White House did not say what the consequences would be for China or whether Biden had made any specific demands on China, which has close diplomatic ties with Russia. The talks between Biden and Jinping are said to be part of a US effort to stop Putin from helping the world.
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‘Russia’s decision now to be taken by Chinese president’
Biden spoke about the sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and other Western nations. The statement did not say whether the two leaders agreed on any issue. However, it has been said that further talks will continue. “I would say the talks were straightforward,” said a top US official. He said the phone call was not to make a specific demand on Biden’s part, but to explain the implications of a move.

A White House spokesman said the decision was now up to the Chinese president. On the other hand, Jinping told Biden that the “Ukraine crisis” was not something we wanted to see. The Chinese president called for joint US-China cooperation to fulfill “international obligations” for world peace and stability. “The current trend towards peace and development is facing serious challenges,” Xi told Biden. The world is neither calm nor stable. The Ukraine crisis is not something we want to see.
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Biden warns China over Taiwan
China has not yet condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine, which has been criticized by the United States. Let me tell you that China and Russia have close ties. “Conflicts and conflicts are not in anyone’s interest and the international community must attach importance to peace and security,” Xi was quoted as saying by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Xi also called for the resumption of Sino-US relations, which has been in turmoil on a number of issues, including Taiwan.

“As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and one of the world’s two largest economies, we must move Sino-US relations in the right direction,” Xi said. Biden told the Chinese president that there had been no change in US policy towards Taiwan. He said the United States opposes any unilateral change in the situation in Taiwan. The US president’s warning comes as China has stepped up its military presence around Taiwan amid the Ukraine crisis.


US President Joe Biden has warned Xi Jinping


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