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Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s stats: What is the secret of Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s wavy balls, the ‘Sultan’ of the swing told himself

Birmingham: Few bowlers in contemporary cricket can swing the ball better than Bhuvneshwar Kumar but after the white Kookaburra bowled on the England batting line for the second time in three days, the Indian pacer said he did not know how to swing the ball. Is Or it may be because of circumstances. Or is the ball swinging itself? It is still working.

“Because I’ve been here many times and I’ve played here in the last few series, the ball wasn’t swinging. So yes, I was also surprised that the white ball has been swinging and swinging for a long time, especially in the T20 format. There is also more bounce on the wicket. So yes, you have more fun when the ball swings. “But to be honest, I don’t know if I’m swinging it, whether it’s due to circumstances or the ball, but yes, I’m glad the ball is swinging,” said the pacer.

Bhubaneswar took four wickets for 25 runs in two matches.
The mantra of an experienced Indian fast bowler is simple, if the ball is swinging, he will attack and try to take wickets. Following this strategy, Bhubaneswar took four wickets for 25 runs in two matches. “If the ball swings, which is my strong point, I try to attack,” Bhubaneswar told a post-match press conference on Saturday night. “Spot pitches are attacked by batsmen, they play their shots there but in two matches the ball swings and I was attacking,” he said. But self-control is important. ,

Fighting future injuries
The pacer said, “You think you will throw inswing, outswing, inswing but it is important to control this desire. Bow consistently and set a trap to get the batsmen out. Until recently, Bhubaneswar was struggling with injuries and it looked like the pacer’s career was over. “After the injury, you know you have to do well when you come back,” Bhubaneswar said. There was no other choice. I always believe there will be at least one more chance to come back. I know I will give my 100 percent but there is no guarantee that the results will be good.

If I get the chance I will definitely do well – Bhuvi
“Because when you get hurt, you get frustrated,” he said. There is some frustration. You don’t have to doubt yourself but you are not in a good state of mind. After a good performance in the last few days, Bhubaneswar is a strong contender for a place in the Indian squad for the Twenty20 World Cup in Australia and a return to the Test squad looks possible. Asked if he was hoping to play Test cricket again, Bhubaneswar said, “Honestly, I’m not thinking of anything at the moment. Of course, when I get a chance in a test, I will not say no. Whenever I get a chance, I try to do good.


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