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Bhojpuri Sawan Song: Khesri Lal Says To Lord Shankar – ‘Vardan Chahi Tin’, Car, Household And Note Printing Machine

In the Bhojpuri music world, Sawan’s songs have already started releasing a month ago and Khesri Lal Yadav seems to be especially immersed in Shiv Bhagti. Recently, his Kanwar song (Bhojpuri Kawar song) ‘Devghar Mein Darad’ was released in which he was seen swinging to the devotees of Bhole. In the song, actress Meghashree appeared with him and she was seen immersed in devotion. Meanwhile, his new song ‘Vardan Chahi Teri’ has been released. In it, Neha is seen with the reader and both the stars are begging God to bless them.

Khesari Lal received three boons from Lord Shankar
In ‘Vardan Chahi Tin’ Khesri Lal is seen doing penance for Bhole and then Lord Shankar suddenly appears and says, we are pleased with your devotion, tell me what you want .. then he says that All three of us need blessings. .. ‘A woman, a car and a note printing machine ..’ After this, Khesari’s co-star Parvati gets soaked in devotion to her mother and after a while she happily asks her what you want. Then actress Neha Pathak asked Devi to give her a ‘good groom, a beautiful house and a washing machine’ as a boon.

K Khesari’s new comedy song
You laugh after watching the video when Parvati’s mother asks Neha what a washing machine is and she explains about it. Even after fulfilling Devi’s wish, Khesri and Neha’s heart does not fill. He then seeks blessings from Shankar-Parvati and then calls the naive Baba Khesari greedy. It is a comedy song full of entertainment. This song has been sung by Khesri Lal along with Shilpi Raj. The lyrics of the song have been penned by Akhilesh Kashyap and the music has been provided by Vikas Yadav. The song has been watched by around 5 lakh people and 77,000 users have pressed the light button.

Coal is also exploding coal bombs
On the other hand, Khesari Lal’s (Khesari Lal Yadav Gaan) ‘Coca Cola Ballbum’ is also being liked a lot. It was on YouTube when it was released and has received over a million views so far. In the video, Khesri Lal is seen with Bhojpuri actress Rani. In which his co-star is asking him to go to Devghar on the occasion of Sawan but he refuses to go to him due to lack of money. In such a situation, the actor’s close ones get angry and in this video, a brilliant fight is seen between them.

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