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Bhojpuri Bol Bam Song: Samar Singh Creates Atmosphere Of Devotion, Releases ‘Shankhapola Le Ah Na’

Whenever a song by Bhojpuri country star Samar Singh comes up, it is very funny. The audience is also eagerly waiting for his song. Her video songs get a lot of views. In such a situation, a video of the actor’s new song ‘Sankhpola le aiha na’ (Sankhpola le aiha na) has been released on the occasion of Sawan. It is getting a great response from the listeners and at the same time this song has turned the morning atmosphere into devotion.

A video of Bhojpuri song ‘Sankhpola Lai Aaya Na’ has been released from Samar Singh’s official YouTube channel. Actress Akansha Dubey is seen with him in this. The strong chemistry of both the artists can be seen in the song. This song by Kanwar shows that Samar Singh is ready to go with Baba Dham Kavaris carrying Kanwar on his shoulder (Bhojpuri Kanwar song) and if he tells this to his onscreen wife Akanksha Dubey He said that the one on whom the name of Bhole Baba was written would bring the same conch. Sung in the voices of Samar Singh and Shilpi Raj, Kanwar’s song ‘Shankhapola La Aaya Na’ has been released on Samar Singh Official’s YouTube channel.

The lyrics of Kanwar’s song ‘Shankhpola Le Ahis Na’ are very lovely. Samar Singh has sung Jaat Bani Suna Dhani Baba Ke Nagria, Kanhwa Dhai Laini Hamhu Kanwaria and further singer Shilpi Raj sings that Jehpe Likhal Hoi Baba Bhola, Oh Shankhpola Le Asis Na … This Kanwar song is not as good a composition. The best painting is done. . Glimpses of Devghar Baba are repeatedly shown in it, in which devotees of Kanwaria are seen pouring water and chanting slogans of Bol Bam.

Golu Yadav is the lyricist of the song ‘Shankhpola Le Asis Na’ sung by Samar Singh and Shilpi Raj. The composer is Abhay Baba. Performed by Mix & Master ADR Anand. Video Director Goldie Jaiswal, Choreographer Bobby Jackson, DOP Santosh Yadav, Editor Pappu Verma, Project Designer SK Anand Yadav, Manager MD Afzal Shah.

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