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Beware, come to Mirzapur! Attractive picnic spots and waterfalls are becoming death grounds

Mirzapur: If you want to go for a walk in the rainy season, picnic spots in Mirzapur are a great option for you, but go with a little care, otherwise you may die. Many people die here every year. Even after this, neither the tourists nor the administration learn a lesson. As a result, 7 people lost their lives in 15 days this year. At the same time, half a dozen people were killed in 23 days last year. In the last two years, Lucknow Dari and Chunari have witnessed the highest number of incidents.

People are attracted to the beautiful scenery
In fact, Mirzapur district of UP is located in the foothills of Vindhya hill. Due to which there are dozens of waterfalls and dams. In which mainly Vindham Jharna, Lakhnia Dari, Chunadri, Sidhnath Ki Dari, Sirsi Jharna, Tanda Jharna etc. are prominent. During the rainy season, the natural climate here becomes pleasant and the water falling from the mountains turns into waterfalls. Due to this, people from Varanasi, Prayagraj and many other districts of Purvanchal come here with their friends and family for picnic. This area looks no less than a paradise in the rainy season. As a result, the crowds at these places are increasing every year.


Losing one’s life in fun and carelessness
As far as this year is concerned, it has rained only once so far this season, which has resulted in waterlogging in Lakhni Darya and Chunadri on Shaktinagar Road in Varanasi. It is the most crowded place. This year, seven people have drowned in just 15 days due to fun and negligence, most of them from Varanasi and Sonbhadra. At the same time, half a dozen people lost their lives between June 20 and July 11 last year.

Lessons learned from events
According to locals, tourists are in the mood to hang out and have fun. Most of the youngsters also have a drunken party here under the pretext of tourism and get involved in accidents due to their hobbies of bathing and taking selfies. Incidents happen here every year but no special arrangements are made by the police or the administration. It is only after accidents that the administration wakes up and over time the situation becomes the same again.
Input – Manish Singh


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