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Bettiah News: Death in police station … Mob lynching of innocent constable, find out why and how Betiya was burning for hours in Holi

Betiya: West Champaran has been so hot since Holi afternoon that its flames are still burning. There is silence in the air at the moment but the burnt vehicles on the road … the corpse of the beaten constable, the stones scattered on the road and the pieces of bricks are clearly showing that tomorrow i.e. E. What will happen here on March 19? The NBT has a number of videos showing how thugs stormed the police station in Betia and rioted for hours. If the mob lynching of a constable was carried out within the precincts of the police station, one can imagine how the law and order situation in the entire area would have been maintained. But why did all this happen? How is an area of ​​Betiya burning for hours in Holi? To understand this, you need to know everything from the beginning.

How did the commotion start?

  • It was Holi time and it was around 10-11 pm.
  • Meanwhile, a police team from Baltana police station reached Arya Nagar village near Betia.
  • However, the police are not yet clear as to who gave the information.
  • It was reported that some young men from the village were playing DJs, singing and dancing.
  • But on the day of Holi in the district, the administration had banned the DJ and the order was issued by the district magistrate.
  • Sources said that this information was given to the police station from somewhere.
  • The police team then picked up Anirudh Yadav and returned to the police station.
  • It was alleged that Anirudh was playing DJ.
  • But at 3 pm, word spread like wildfire that the young man had been beaten to death in the presence of police.
  • Then the commotion began.

Bihar: Death in custody, commotion in Betiya, arson in police station, vandalism, pile of police personnel, many injured
At 4 pm, the mob took over the entire area.
At around 4 pm, the mob surrounded not only the police station but the entire area. The situation was that wherever you look on the road, there are scoundrels. Meanwhile, whether it was a police vehicle in front or a policeman himself, the mob targeted him. Meanwhile, a police jeep was surrounded by a mob. Sensing the intent of the miscreants, the policemen in it escaped unhurt. In this picture you can see how the mob surrounded the empty police jeep on the road.

The police jeep was surrounded by a mob

Police constable’s mob lynching
After that the mob of thugs moved towards the police station. But before that, the police personnel rushed to the spot and informed the rest of the police personnel. Seeing the crowd of mischievous miscreants from a distance, the policemen present at the police station came to know that at present it is not in the hands of such a small force to deal with them, so all the police personnel left the police station and fled.

Bihar: Angry over death in police custody, angry villagers set fire to police station in Betia, fleeing and beating policemen

But Hauldar Ram Jatan Singh present at the police station did not get out of hand. He was surrounded by a mob inside the police station and beaten to death. The saddest part of the case is that the deceased Hauldar Ram Jatan Singh was posted at Purshotampur police station but there was no provision for his stay. That is why he lived on the campus of Balthar police station. He was present when the villagers attacked the police station. He had no role in the whole incident and was not stationed at the police station. But he was killed by thugs. The Balthar area was then engulfed in violence for three hours. See how the mob chased another police officer, who fortunately escaped.

Crowd to catch constable

The mob also set fire to several vehicles
According to Betia’s SP Upendra Nath Verma, the mob targeted a total of six vehicles and set them on fire. Three of the vehicles belonged to the police station. The rest of the vehicles seized by the mob included a fire brigade vehicle, a mall store and two private vehicles, including a circle inspector.
Bettiah News: A youth was killed due to police beating in village Baltana, angry villagers vandalized the police station and set fire to the jeep.
What the police have to say

  • Some people were playing DJs, they were brought to Balthar police station.
  • He alleged that bees had made a hive in the police station campus Turn off
  • After this Sadar police station The team handed over the accused Coin PHC for immediate treatment
  • At the time of the bee sting, the young man’s acquaintance and several villagers were present.
  • Illusion of death due to police beating: SP

Gopalganj News: Magician shot dead his brother’s wife, woman accused of missing child
What about the villagers?
According to villagers, they reached Balthar police station around 3 pm to rescue Anirudh. They then found out that Anirudh had been killed but villagers say that Anirudh was brutally beaten in custody and hit on the head with the butt of a gun. He died, the police took him to the hospital for performance.

Two thousand policemen took the front with the SP
The situation had worsened. The police of Sikta and Kangli police station who reached the spot could not stand in front of the mob. It so happened that as soon as the SSB jawans reached the spot, the mob chased them and pushed them back. The situation was deteriorating and the entire area, including the police station, was surrounded by mobs. Betiya’s SP then rushed to the spot with a heavy force of about 2,000 police personnel and then proceeded to take the area under police control.

Find out now
The team that reached with the SP conducted postmortem of the deceased Anirudh late at night. The postmortem was carried out under the supervision of a magistrate and a video recording was also made so that no question would arise later. Police have also launched an operation against Hawaldar Ram Jatan Singh for mob lynching and attacking the police station. The police conducted a late night raid to nab the culprits and arrested 14 people. But throughout the whole incident, Betiya continued to burn in the fire of unrest.


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