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Begusarai shooting: ‘He who kills more will become the lion of Begusarai’, 11 people were shot dead in this craze

Begusarai: In Bihar’s Begusarai district on Tuesday evening, four criminals on two bikes opened fire for 30 km in four police station areas. In this, one person died and 10 people were injured. There is a lot of politics going on regarding this incident. Begusarai Member of Parliament and Union Minister Giriraj Singh has demanded a CBI probe into the entire matter. While CM Nitish has rejected it. In such a situation, it is also important to know why someone would shoot someone for no reason?

‘Naga is not impossible to catch’
Keshav Kumar alias Naga was arrested from Jhajha station in Jamui in the Begusarai firing case. It is being told that Naga, who was trying to escape after the incident, had sent a message to his girlfriend. In which he wrote that ‘I am going out.’ The friend replied – if you run away, you will be caught. Then Naga wrote – Catching Naga is not only difficult but also impossible. After this, the police took action.

‘He who kills more will become the lion of Begusarai’
In fact, both Yuvraj aka Sonu and Keshav aka Naga, involved in this promise, are friends, both of them also have girlfriends. After the arrest, during the interrogation of the police officer in Jamui, Keshav had told that before the shooting, a plan was made that ‘whoever kills more will become the lion of Begusarai.’ But Keshav was not involved in the shooting and remained on the sidelines while Yuvraj rode the bike. Sumit was sitting behind him, who executed the firing incident from Bachwara to Chakiya.

Trouble in Bihar due to bad boys
SP Yogendra Kumar also said that Yuvraj and Sumit had opened fire. While two other miscreants on bikes were also arrested. They had no target, just crazy boys questioning the law and order of entire Bihar.


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