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Ayodhya News: Ayodhya mosque not getting NOC from departments, obstacles in construction, trust’s appeal to government

Ayodhya: Currently, there are obstacles in the construction of Dhanipur Mosque in Ayodhya. From the looks of it, its construction is not going to start soon. Now Arshad Afzal Khan, spokesperson of Masjid Trust, has appealed to the district administration to remove the obstacles. They argue that this construction is being done in compliance with the orders of the Supreme Court. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the government to immediately remove the obstacles in its construction at the government level, but the administration is not taking any interest in it.

Even after more than a year, the Ayodhya Development Authority has not passed the map of the mosque. Arshad Afzal Khan, a member and spokesperson of the Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation Trust, says that when the mosque trust approached the ADA officials, letters were issued to 8 different departments to issue NOCs.

He said that on July 15, the Ayodhya Development Authority had issued a letter to several other departments, including the fire department, to issue NOCs for the construction of the mosque and the super-speciality hospital and research center to be built alongside it. Only the fire department did an on-site inspection on it and instead of issuing NOC it was stopped. Objection was raised that according to the map of the mosque and the hospital, the approach road should be 12 meters, whereas both the access roads at the site are not more than 6. Not only meters, the width of the main road is only about 4 meters. Khan says that the fire department has said in its letter that no objection certificate can be issued only if there is a 12 meter access road.

According to the mosque trust IICF, after the Supreme Court’s decision in the temple-mosque case, the Ayodhya administration had given this land on the instructions of the Uttar Pradesh government. The administration has allotted 5 acres of land for the construction of the mosque in Dhanipur village in the rural area, 27 km from the Ayodhya headquarters. Therefore, a 12 meter road should be built on it as soon as possible so that the construction of Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation Trust Mosque, Hospital Community Kitchen and Research Center can start in Dhanipur.


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