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Aurangabad News: How 5 lives drowned one by one in Aurangabad, it became a ‘Black Sunday’ for the family members.

Aurangabad : Diwali lights will not be lit in five houses in Bihar’s Aurangabad today. There is an atmosphere of mourning in five families. Diwali has become miserable. Sunday became ‘Black Sunday’ for him. The festival of lights turned dark for five families. One by one, five lives fell into the fold of time. There is a wave of mourning among the families of the deceased. However, immediately after the incident, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has announced compensation. After the incident, three bodies have been searched so far. The search for the two bodies is on.

5 persons who went to bath drowned
The incident is on Sunday. 5 lives drowned in deep water while bathing at Kusumra ghat in Goh block. One youth died in this incident along with four youths. The Chief Minister has ordered the district administration to immediately provide an ex-gratia amount of Rs. 4 lakh to the dependents of the deceased. According to the incident, on Sunday, four teenage girls went to Kusumra ghat of Punpun river to wash clothes and bathe. After washing the clothes, all the girls were bathing in the river, while a young man was swept away by the strong current of the river. While saving her, the other three girls also started drowning in the river.

Aurangabad News: 4 girls drowned while bathing in Punpun river, one person also drowned to save them.
Death of a young man while saving
Seeing the girls drowning in the river, some of the women there shouted. Hearing the voices of the women, a person from the village jumped into the river and tried to save the drowning girls. Meanwhile, the girls grabbed her to save themselves. Due to which his balance also deteriorated. He too was swept away by the rapid flow of the river.

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Two bodies are still missing
On the incident, the DM said that only 3 bodies have been recovered so far. 2 bodies are still missing. which is being sought. The bodies of Shankar, Nidhi and Manisha who drowned have been recovered. While Chhoti and Kajal are missing. Kajal, the drowning girl, was supposed to get married in May 2023. After the incident, the entire village along with the family is in mourning. Bakhori Vishwakarma’s 14-year-old daughter Nidhi Kumari went to bathe with the village girls. She also died along with the other girls. Mother Shobha Devi, father Bakhouri Vishwakarma and other family members wept on the news of Nidhi’s death.

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13 year old Nidhi died
Grieving relatives said that Nidhi had gone to wash clothes with her 5-year-old brother Ankush Kumar. The siblings started drowning while taking a bath. But somehow Ankush was saved. The mother cried as she said this. House members Chandni, Juhi, Ankit and Ankush were also in bad condition. The deceased Nidhi was a student of class IX and used to study in a government school in the village. At the same time, Ganori Bhagat’s 13-year-old daughter Manisha Kumari went to wash clothes with her elder sister Kanchan Kumari. In the incident, Manisha, who went to save Kanchan, died due to drowning. Manisha was a seventh standard student.

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The little girl went to wash clothes
Chotti Kumari, the 13-year-old daughter of village Haridwar Bhagat, took clothes from home and went alone to Darya Ghat. Perhaps he knew that his mother would be accompanied by other relatives at the ghat. All will wash clothes together. She started bathing in the small river with friends before relatives arrived and got swept away in the deep water. Information about the incident When the mother met the wild goddess, she fainted. Brother Bhola Kumar, Rohit Kumar, sister Kiran Kumari, Lakshmi Kumari, Pinky Kumari are in bad condition.
Report: Akash Kumar, Aurangabad


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