Thursday, September 29, 2022
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Assassination of Putin: Conspiracy to assassinate Putin! A Kremlin official could have poisoned, fearing that 1,000 workers had been fired

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin is “uneasy” after the invasion of Ukraine. He reportedly hid his family in a mysterious underground city for fear of a possible nuclear attack. Putin’s fears have grown so strong that he has fired 1,000 of his personal staff because he thinks they could poison him. A report says Putin has replaced hundreds of his personal staff out of fear.

According to the Daily Star, this includes Putin’s cook, secretary, laundry worker and bodyguard. Russia and Ukraine have been at war for the past 26 days, and the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, is still under the control of the Zelensky government. Five Russian generals and thousands of soldiers have been killed so far. A French agent has claimed that Kremlin insiders could oust Putin in a coup. One way could be to assassinate the Russian president.
Russian troops: Russian troops captured in Ukraine attack Putin, saying send as many troops as you want .. you will not be able to capture
Opposition groups called for a boycott of the rally
According to reports, senior Russian political figures have publicly incited people close to Putin to assassinate him. So Putin’s fears are not unfounded. South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham has tweeted calling for Putin’s assassination. “The only way to end this is to throw this man (Putin) out,” he said. You will do it for your country, for the world.

‘Poison can be killed’
A French intelligence official has claimed that if Putin was assassinated, poisoning could be a possible solution. The Russian government is known for using poison against its enemies. The French agent told the Daily Beast that such efforts could only be made from inside the Kremlin. He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture.


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