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Asaduddin Owaisi: Inshallah, a girl wearing hijab will become the Prime Minister of the country… Owaisi hints at the excuse of Rishi Sunak

Bangalore: Asaduddin Owaisi, Member of Parliament and Chief of AIMIM, who arrived in Karnataka, has targeted the BJP and the Central Government. He said that BJP’s aim is to expel Muslims from the country. Owaisi has threatened BJP with Muslim hijab, cap, halal everything. He also said that he wants the Prime Minister of India to be a girl in hijab one day.

Owaisi mockingly said that Halal meat is a threat to the country, Muslim’s beard is in danger, Muslim’s cap is in danger, Muslims’ food and drink, sleeping clothes are all in danger. BJP is against Muslim identity.

‘Boycott Muslims’
The AIMIM MP said that in Delhi the Prime Minister says ‘sabka saath te sabka vikas’ but these are all spoken words. What is happening on this land is what is happening. Boycott the Muslims, said a member of parliament. This is BJP’s agenda. Abolish the Muslim identity forever. They make their corruption halal by talking about halal cows.

On the question asked on the issue of Rishi Sunat, Owaisi said that what is there in that country, what I have. They have democracy. When a prime minister does not act on the economy, his party removes him. Hijab is banned here (India). Owaisi said that they also want Inshallah! A girl who wears hijab will become the Prime Minister of the country one day.


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