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Anil Kapoor launches Sanjeev Kumar’s biography, shares memorable memories of late actor

Bollywood On the birthday of late actor Sanjeev Kumar, his biography ‘Sanjeev Kumar: The Actor We All Loved’ was launched. Anil Kapoor launched the book. The book was co-written by Sanjeev Kumar’s nephew Uday Jariwala with author Rita Ramamurthy Gupta. Anil along with these two launched the biography of the late actor. Anil has shared pictures of the book launch event on his social media account. At the launch, he shared stories and memories of Sanjeev Kumar with the people.

Anil Kapoor felt honored and proud by sharing two photos of the event on Twitter and Insta Story. “It is an honor and privilege for me to be a part of the launch of the book celebrating the life and work of actor Sanjeev Kumar, whom we all love, whose birth anniversary is also today,” he tweeted. Is … remembering this special occasion. The right way.

(Photo credit: Twitter @AnilKapoor)

Sanjeev helped Anil

At the book launch event, Anil Kapoor shared many memorable moments associated with Sanjeev Kumar. He told how Sanjeev Kumar had helped him for his film ‘Woh Sat Din’. Anil was in the lead role. He said that there was a shortage of Rs 75,000 in making the film and in this situation Sanjeev Kumar helped him by paying Rs 25,000 and the film was made.

(Photo credit: Twitter irSirPareshRawal)

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Paresh Rawal said this about the book

Paresh Rawal said in a tweet about ‘Sanjeev Kumar: The Actor We All Loved’, “I guess this book was long overdue; it should have been published much earlier! India’s Most Permanent and Natural Actor – Sanjeev Kumar’s biography. I really enjoyed reading your book – Rita Gupta. You are such a good storyteller. Thank you for your time and effort. “

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