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Ancient skulls: The ‘sea monster’ was the ancestor of whales … 30 million year old skull found, 40 feet long Dangerous hunter

Lima: Archaeologists have unearthed the skull of a terrifying ‘sea hunter’. It is an ancestor of the modern whale, which once lived in the prehistoric part of the ocean that is now covered by Peru. Scientists announced the discovery on Thursday. A well-preserved skull, about 36 million or 36 million years old, was discovered last year in the southern Okukaje desert in Peru.

Rodolfo Salis, a bacteriologist at the National University of San Marcos in Peru, made the announcement at a press conference. He said that long and sharp teeth were also attached to the skull. Scientists believe that the ancient mammal was a bacillosaurus, part of a family of aquatic cetaceans whose contemporary descendants include whales, dolphins and porpoises.
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The animal was as tall as a four-story building
Bacillus source means, ‘King lizard, although this animal was not a snake, but because of its long body, it looked like a snake while walking. Millions of years ago, this animal was considered to be the most dangerous prey in the ocean, which was about 12 meters (39 feet) high or as high as a four-story building. “It was a sea monster,” the arbitrator said. The skull has already been exhibited in the university museum.

Hunger will wreak havoc
This ancient skull may belong to a new species of Bacillus sores. The arbitrator said that when the animal was hungry, it caused a terrible catastrophe. He said that when the ancient bacillus source died, its skull sank to the bottom of the ocean floor, where it was easily buried and preserved. Because of this the condition of the fossils is very good.


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