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An hour after the death of the wife, the husband also said goodbye to the world, the last rites were performed on Chikha

Ajmer: Every couple vows to live and die together, but there are only a few couples who are completely successful in this. A similar case came to light in Ajmer’s Baghera, Kekdi on Thursday. Where earlier 61-year-old Sohni Devi died due to electric shock. Unaware of this, the 62-year-old husband Ramdev was deeply shocked when he entered the room and saw his wife in this condition. Ramdev fell down on the ground. The family rushed him to the hospital but it was too late. Ramdev also said goodbye to the world.

The poor condition of the crying family
Doctors immediately declared Ramdev dead. In this way both the husband and wife said goodbye to this world within an hour. In order to make this unique love of the couple a success, the family took the final journey together amidst emotional moments. Both were cremated on the same pyre. Seeing this scene, everyone’s eyes became moist.

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Ramdev was unaware of his wife’s death
The family members said that a table fan suddenly fell on Sohni Devi and she died due to electrocution. However, the family did not tell anything about it to her husband Ramdev. The family was preparing for the final journey of the beautiful goddess in a mournful atmosphere. Meanwhile, Ramdev suspected something untoward and went to the room where the body of Sohani Devi was kept.

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Both had a special love
Seeing his wife Sohni Devi in ​​this condition, Ramdev suddenly fell on the ground and fainted. Due to the grief of the death of his wife, he suffered a shock and then he also died. On the death of the couple, the children said that their parents had a special love from the beginning. Both cared for each other a lot. With the death of both within an hour, their vow to live and die together was completely fulfilled.
Report – Naveen Vaishnav, Ajmer


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