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Amid tensions with America, Putin and Xi Jinping’s forces are uniting, 50 thousand soldiers will be together, Czar’s warning

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin will participate in the Vostok 2022 military exercises. This information was given in a news on Friday. According to Russia’s official channel, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov. Putin, who is going to conduct military exercises with several Asian countries, is likely to visit Central Asia in mid-September. He is expected to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping and other leaders for a regional summit here. Russia is hosting this exercise, which will last from September 1 to 7, in which many countries like China, India are participating.

According to Fox News, Peskov said that he himself will be present in Vladivostok. Vladivostok is a Russian city located on the shores of the Sea of ​​Japan and north of North Korea. He said that the armed forces strategic command and staff exercise Vostok-2022 will start from here. The Russian Defense Ministry said this week that the military exercise will take place between September 1 and 7 at various locations in eastern Russia.

50 thousand soldiers and 5000 weapons
Apart from China, India, more than 50 thousand soldiers from many countries including Laos, Mongolia, Nicaragua and Syria will participate in this exercise. The exercise will take place at seven different firing ranges and will involve more than 5000 weapons, 140 aircraft and 60 warships. This practice has raised the concern of experts. He says the military exercise is not only a demonstration of deepening ties between Russia and China amid tensions with the United States, but also reflects Russia’s ability to send thousands of troops to participate in military exercises amid the Ukraine war.

The expert said – we are in danger
Rebecca Koffler, a former intelligence officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), said it was a ‘strategic messaging campaign’. On the other hand, Russian experts say that Putin wants to tell the West that Moscow is not as isolated as the US and its allies think after the Ukraine war. Koffler said that Putin could surprise the US and the West. He warned that we were in grave danger. Russia and China are behaving irresponsibly and have no respect for the current US administration.


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