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After watching the movie ‘Kantara’, Vivek Agnihotri gave a review, the director never gets tired of praising in the video.

New Delhi: Vivek Agnihotri is very impressed with the Kannada film ‘Kantara’. The ‘Kashmir Files’ director watched the film on Saturday and called it a masterpiece. He has shared a video to express his opinion about the film. In ‘Kantara’, Rishabh Shetty is playing the role of a Kambala champion. He has also directed this film.

Sharing his video on Twitter, Vivek wrote, ‘Woke up watching Rishabh Shetty’s masterpiece ‘Kantara’. In a word, this movie is amazing. See it as soon as possible.’ He is saying, ‘Such a unique experience, never seen such a film! Salute to Rishabh Shetty. Rishabh, you have done a great job. I will talk to you on the phone tomorrow. I can’t stop myself from sharing my experience. It is something steeped in art and folklore. It is an experience that is the climax of the film.

He adds, ‘I can confidently say that you have never seen this kind of energy. You can watch this movie first after Diwali is over. I think this is Rishabh Shetty’s masterpiece. Kudos to Rishabh for making great cinema, great art, great music, great cinematography. Wow!’

In the video, it can be seen that Vivek is traveling in a car with his assistant, who watched the film for the second time. Vivek asked him his opinion about the film, to which he replied that he keeps thinking about the film at night even hours after watching it.

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