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Abu Salem convicted of serial blasts to be released from jail in 2030: Supreme Court says promise to Portugal must be fulfilled

Abu Salem News: Mafia don Abu Salem will not be sentenced to death or life imprisonment. The Indian government had agreed to his extradition from Portugal on the condition that Salem be sentenced to more than 25 years in prison. The Supreme Court said that the Government of India has to fulfill this promise.

Abu Salem
Abu Salem convicted in Mumbai serial blasts (file photo)
New Delhi: Abu Salem, convicted in the 1993 Mumbai serial bomb blasts case, will be released from jail after eight years. This has been confirmed today. General Assembly “The Government of India is committed to fulfilling its promise to the Government of Portugal and releasing the gangster Abu Salem on completion of 25 years of his sentence in the 1993 Mumbai blasts case,” he said. Salem had said that his sentence could not exceed 25 years, as promised by India in 2002 for his extradition to Portugal.

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Salem

A bench of Justices SK Kaul and MM Sundaresh said the Union government was bound to advise the President of India on the exercise of power under Article 72 of the Constitution and the national commitment to carry out the sentence. “Important documents must be submitted within one month of the completion of 25 years,” the bench said. In fact, the government can exercise its waiver right under the CRPC within one month after completing 25 years.

Salem was brought to India from Portugal in 2005

A special TADA court had on February 25, 2015, sentenced Salem to life imprisonment in another case of the 1995 murder of Mumbai builder Pradeep Jain. Along with Jain, his driver Mahindi Hassan was also killed. Salem, one of the perpetrators of the 1993 serial bombings in Mumbai, was extradited from Portugal on November 11, 2005 after a lengthy legal battle.

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Screw caught in 25 years

Salem had asked the Supreme Court to add his sentence to 25 years in prison in Portugal. Salem’s lawyer, Rishi Malhotra, said Salem was detained in 2002 and brought to India in 2005. His detention period should be counted from 2002. However, the Supreme Court did not grant him relief in the matter. Due to this, according to the Government of India, his 25-year jail term will expire in November 2030. On notice, the Indian government told the Supreme Court that it would honor the promise made by the Portuguese government and that Salem would be released after serving 25 years. Since Salem was deported from Portugal on November 11, 2005, the 25-year count will be completed in 2030, eight years from now.

This is how Salem was caught in Portugal

Abu Salem was arrested by police in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, in 2002 on charges of traveling with his alleged girlfriend, Monica Bedi, on forged documents. There was no extradition treaty between India and Portugal at the time, so Salem could not be brought to India immediately. Portugal had stipulated that Salem not be sentenced to death or more than 25 years in prison for deportation to India. India and Portugal signed an extradition treaty in 2007. The agreement was signed between then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Portuguese President Anibal Cavacho Silva. India accepted both the conditions of Portugal.

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Web title: Court of 1993 Mumbai blasts says Center bound to release Salem on completion of sentence
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