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A new car bought with great interest on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras, what happened after that when it hit the road…

Jehanabad People in Bihar do heavy shopping on Dhanteras. Apart from cars, bikes, people bought jewelery and electronic goods. Many people also observed auspicious times. After this he reached the shop. Also, his purchase did not go down well with many people. One such case has come to light from Jehanabad. Where a family found it expensive to buy a car on Dhanteras.

The car crushed five
A family bought a car on Dhanteras at Arwal Morr in Jehanabad. The car driver sat on the driving seat after seeing the auspicious time. Meanwhile, the car went out of control. The car crushed five people present there. 5 people were seriously injured in this incident. All were admitted to Sadar Hospital with the help of local people.

Five persons including two women were injured due to being hit by a car
Injured admitted to hospital
Locals said that the driver was completely naive. He suddenly pressed the accelerator hard. After this, the car moved forward at high speed. While decorating the shop from the front, the car ran over the people sitting there. In which five people were injured. After the incident, local people caught the car driver and vandalized the car. Not only this, the angry people beat up the car driver. Later, the police reached the spot and arrested him.

Gurugram News: A speeding car in Gurugram blew up a cyclist, 2 died
The police has arrested the driver
Tiger Mobile police reached the spot and said that the car driver lost balance, due to which the incident took place. The driver pressed the accelerator instead of the brake. The car sped off suddenly. The car has been impounded. The police are engaged in the investigation of the matter.


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