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8-year-old girl tortured in Banka: Eyes broken after gangrape, then murdered and buried without clothes

Dandy: The body of an 8-year-old girl who went missing on Holi day was found at 11 pm on Saturday. The girl’s body was covered with sand. As soon as people found out about this on Sunday morning, protests spread across the block. The girl is said to have been killed after being gang-raped. At the same time, questions are being raised about the working style of the police. It is learned that the girl was playing Holi outside the house with another partner at around 2 pm on the day of Holi. Meanwhile, Durga suddenly disappeared from near the temple. The family members have been searching for the girl since then but no one has been found.

If the police had been vigilant after the information, lives could have been saved.
The girl’s family members informed the police but instead of taking immediate action, the police asked the family members to step aside and search. Meanwhile, the family members came to know from another child who was playing with the girl that she had been taken to the Durga temple in a red Toto. Following the information, family members began searching for the Toto man. Family members went to see Toto’s home in red. Earlier, Sagar Soni, who worked as a painter with Toto, denied his involvement.

His other accomplices were also questioned on suspicion of Toto and it was revealed that the girl had been abducted from Toto. The Toto driver later fled the scene after seeing a growing crowd at his home. At around 11 pm, the family found the body of a girl covered with sand in a drain cave near the railway station. The incident was reported to the police. Police later recovered the body.

He was blindfolded after being raped, then strangled to death
The girl had no clothes on her body and was bleeding from various parts of her body. His eyes were also blown away. It was clear from the sight of the corpse that the corpse had been hidden after being brutally murdered by some boys along with the girl. Police are now searching for the accused. Meanwhile, after Toto’s escape, police have taken his wife into custody for questioning. Toto drivers Doman Paswan, Ajay Varanwal, Sridhar Varanwal and four others have been arrested for questioning at the behest of the CBI. Police are conducting raids to nab Toto’s owner Sagar Soni.

Public outcry, SDPO says 4 arrested will not spare anyone
The anger of the people has increased considerably after the laxity of the police. They are demanding immediate arrest of the accused and death sentence. In this regard SDPO Premchander Singh said that as soon as the incident came to light he himself was monitoring the entire investigation. Four have also been arrested. No one involved in the rest of the incident will be spared. A case has been registered on the written request of the deceased girl’s uncle and the body has been sent to Banka for postmortem. The relatives allege that the girl could have been rescued if the police had conducted an investigation after the girl was reported missing.


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