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8 km long queue of people paying tribute to Maharani, the number came after 14-14 hours of waiting

London: Seeing the mile-long queue of mourners following the death of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, the British government on Friday barred more people from joining the queue. The government took the step just hours before the arrival of King Charles III and his siblings at the historic Westminster Hall. A live tracker reporting on the queue said that the queue had grown long and reached its capacity and people were ‘banned’ from being part of the queue for six hours, as the waiting clock stretched to 14 hours. And the queue of mourners to catch a glimpse of the queen has grown to five miles, or eight kilometres, long.

The line runs from Parliament to Southwark Park in South London and then around the park in a meandering position. London resident Caroline Quilty said she joined the queue at 4am on Friday. “I believe this is a historic moment and if I don’t participate or be a part of it, I will definitely regret it,” she said.
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The Chinese delegation was prevented from going
Meanwhile, a delegation of Chinese officials was reportedly prevented from entering the historic hall of parliament, where the late empress’s casket is kept. China’s ambassador to Britain has been banned from parliament for a year after Beijing banned seven British MPs last year for speaking out against the treatment of its Uighur minority in China’s far-western Xinjiang region.

House of Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle’s office on Friday declined to comment on a report by US news outlet Politico that the Chinese delegation would not be allowed into Westminster Hall. In Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning said he had not seen the Politico report, but that the British government, as hosts of the Queen’s funeral, “should follow diplomatic protocol and proper etiquette in receiving guests.” should”.
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China should cancel the invitation
A Chinese delegation is expected to attend the Queen’s funeral on Monday. This interim sacrament is not proposed in Parliament, but in Westminster Abbey Church. Funeral organizers have not published a guest list, and it is unclear who may attend from China. Conservative MP Tim Lawton told the BBC that China should withdraw the invitation, citing human rights abuses in China and its treatment of Uighurs.

Will stand next to the casket for 15 minutes
King Charles III, who ascended the British throne after the death of his mother last week, was out of London on the last leg of his nationwide tour on Thursday. The Maharaja returned to London on Friday. He will spend time with his siblings – Prince Andrew and Prince Edward and Princess Anne – near the late Queen’s coffin. A day later, on Saturday, all eight of Queen Elizabeth II’s grandchildren will stand by the casket for 15 minutes. Prince William and Prince Harry, both sons of King Charles III, will stand by the Queen’s coffin tomorrow. The elderly Prince William will stand at the head of the coffin, while Prince Harry will stand at its feet.


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