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4-year-old innocent missing in Ramadan, AIIMS ‘gods’ gift of ‘Awaaz’

Patna: An innocent 4-year-old girl lost her voice in a road accident in Bihar. After that the family was very worried about their daughter. She never expected her daughter to be able to speak again. But doctors at the Patna AIIMS managed to retrieve Masoom’s lost voice three months after the incident. The holy month of Ramadan was in full swing when the girl was injured in an accident on April 17 this year.

The voice of the four innocent Taiba came back
Four-year-old Taiba Hassan lost her voice due to bilateral vocal cord paralysis after a road accident in Patna’s Paliganj sub-division. The girl was treated at the Patna AIIMS for about three months, the team of doctors was successful with continuous efforts and Taiba Hassan regained her lost voice at Bakrid.

Shared a video of a girl singing a poem on Bakrid
AIIMS-Patna doctors said that on the occasion of Bakrid, Taiba’s uncle shared a video of the girl singing nursery rhymes on Sunday. It is learned that the girl was treated for about two months from April 17 to June 22. The girl’s family members said that the miracle was due to the dedicated team of AIIMS doctors. In particular, the Department of Trauma and Emergency as well as the Department of Neurosurgery, ENT and others played an important role.

The family thanked the doctors of Patna AIIMS
The family members said that in the past we used to read the girl’s lips. Now he has completely withdrawn his voice. The girl’s uncle said that my niece’s voice was lost around Eid-ul-Fitr. It was recovered on the eve of Eid-ul-Azha. This has been made possible by the grace of God and a dedicated team of doctors from AIIMS, Patna. He said that the treatment here is very good and reasonable rate.


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