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22.20 crore children of the country face the double threat of climate disaster and poverty, know what the new report says

New Delhi: About 51 percent of children in the country are living under the twin impacts of poverty and climate catastrophe. This has been said in a study. The report, titled ‘Generation Hope: 2.4 Billion Reasons to End the Global Climate and Inequality Crisis’, says that around 350 million children across Asia are victims of both poverty and climate catastrophe. These include 22.20 crore children of India. India tops the world in terms of the total number of children facing this ‘twin threat’ of poverty and climate catastrophe.

35.19 crore children are affected due to climate
The report states that 3519 million children in India are estimated to be affected by at least one extreme climate event a year, some of them are particularly at risk, because they live in poverty and therefore they have no and few means to protect themselves. Resources to retrieve. Globally, 77.40 million children fall into this high-risk group and high-income countries are not immune to this ‘double jeopardy’, it said.

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1210 million children live in high income countries
The report says 1210 million children facing both climate disaster and poverty live in high-income countries, and four in 10 (12.3 million) live in the US or the UK.


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